Craft Background

I grew up in a very crafty household. We did all the “regular” kid crafts and as we grew (and my parents got divorced) we did more Pagan related witch-crafting with my mom. Now, I regularly do everything from wood burning, painting anything I can get my hands on to make it look like a toddler attacked it, playing with polymer clay, bleach painting fabric, tye dye and all the kinds of crafts you could easily find supplies for at a craft store. I also have made everything from floor wash to detergent (don’t use this. It’s really only a water softener) to herbal incenses to candles filled with essential oils and yarn wall hangings. You name it and I have probably tried it. Really. 
New crafts include finally learning how to crochet. I tried years ago but my brain wouldn’t click and figure it out. A neighbor-friend finally got me to work it out and now I am loving it! I can’t stop. I literally have worked on at least a row every day since I started learning (Started in November 2015 and its February 2016 for future me). I’m still new to it and am awful at reading patterns but I am getting there. Here are some pictures of recent works (hopefully they load or else insert pretty things here with your imagination).

 I also started learning to use a drop spindle but I’m saving details for another post. 


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