First Spin! 

Spinning is a craft I have wanted to do for around half my lifetime. Possibly longer but I can’t remember when I first found interest. I even named my Etsy shop after a story about the Germanic goddess Frau Holda concerning a spindle back in 2008. My mom always knew about it and even bought me an antique spinning wheel at one point. I didn’t know how to fix it or what to do with it so it sat as decor for the longest time. I moved away at one point and don’t know what ever happened to the wheel. 

Around the same time as the wheel appeared in my life a friend that I called my “fairy godmother” (Leslie of “Blyth House Creations” on Etsy) made me a few items by hand. A Lucet fork, a drop spindle, etc. I eventually bought what I thought was wool roving but was later told it was acrylic. I never again tried to find the proper supplies to try until this year. I felt I wasn’t ready with the troubles I had and lack of education concerning spinning.  

 Welcome 2016! The year of learning new crafts! After my husband got back from sea we found out about Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in Tacoma (I should mention I live in Washington state as of late July 2015). He agreed to go and that’s what started the spark. He took us all to Amanda’s Art Yarn in Poulsbo a few days before to pick out wool top to try out ahead of time. I got two .7 ounce sample bags of a cobalt blue Corriedale to try. We also looked at some Ashford spinning wheels and looms as we were dreaming of the future. I should mention these crafts interest my husband as well. Perfect right? Support from the beginning to the end. 
After we left “Amanda’s” we went to “The Artful Ewe” in Port Gamble. An incredibly beautiful shop that overwhelms me. Why? It’s nearly impossible to shop there because you are bombarded with beauty everywhere! Floor to ceiling! Really! We talked with the owner and she invited us to their spinning get togethers to learn. She opened my eyes wider to all the different methods, wheels, etc. On the way out I spotted a Schacht Hi-Lo Drop Spindle in a basket. It had no price so I asked about it. It didn’t matter though. Whatever it was it was meant to be mine being placed in my path so openly against the rest of the shop. It ended up being perfect for me! 


I went home and started looking for pins on Pinterest to help me get ready. I didn’t want to mess up the precious bit of wool I had by not researching in depth first. I didn’t actually get to spinning until two days later. AFTER Madrona and the haul of fibers I got there. Pictures below of my yarn spun via Instagram shots (since I didn’t plan on making this blog at the time and only have random pictures). In another blog I will explain the process. For now, just know this was an intentional bulky weight Z twist (spun clockwise) yarn I intended to gift my husband for naalbinding. Now, he would prefer I use it to make something instead. Will do love! 

Be sure to check back for more in depth blogs about spinning and my journey! 


2 thoughts on “First Spin! 

  1. Enjoy learning to spin! I started with a Navajo spindle that I made, long ago. When I picked spinning up again (with Frigga nudging me to do so) I was gifted with a drop spindle that frustrated me no end! I thought I would never, ever, be able to afford a wheel and all of the used ones (“antiques”) that I found for sale in my budget were missing parts. Eventually I sold enough pieces of art in a month that I was able to buy a (now discontinued) kit for a Louet wheel from a nearby store. I love it. I have dedicated it to Frigga and painted it with one of my hex sign designs!

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