Madrona Fiber Festival 2016

I am working on a bunch of yarn related things today that I want to share soon. So I felt I needed to get on some blog posts to cover old stuff first! Even though I have posted I believe 6 blogs since last night. 

Haha! In this post I want to talk about Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in Tacoma, WA! I found out about the event from a local fiber related group just a few days before the event. Too late to register for classes and workshops but the marketplace would be open. We went on a Sunday so we found parking easily and there weren’t any crowded booths to deal with. It was nice! I found a really cool vendor who creates mini wheels, I got to see electric wheels up close, there was an amazing variety of yarn and of course what I really came there for. The fiber. Most was a little too fancy for a beginner but seeing it excited me! I bought three different undyed Shetland and Targhee wool top rovings from “Island Fibers.” They all still smelled slightly of the animals they came from which made me happy. Odd thing to say I suppose. However, it reminded me that it comes from a creature of the earth and that someday I will have my own fiber animals to spoil silly in a trade for their precious wool. After that I roamed around, bought some rainbow handspun plyed with black to make something cool with and then finished the day at the “Wool Gatherings” booth and bought a brightly colored wool/silk braid of top roving. My husband bought a Finnish braid of wool. The event had about 40 vendors and was free to enter. It was only an hour away from our home and the perfect way to start Valentine’s Day with my love. Crafting is a big part of our life that we bond over and it was a blessing to share this experience together.  



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