Spinning Shetland – My First Time

I am finally almost up to date sharing my recent crafts! My one year old is napping so I am trying to pump these posts out!

This was from yesterday. Both are undyed Shetland wool top roving from the “Island Fibers” booth at the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival in Tacoma, WA. I used one on each drop spindle. It was my first time using my drop spindle burned with runes and my second time with the Schacht drop spindle.

The Shetland was a dream to work with. I think it may be my favorite so far (I say this now after working with Targhee this morning and Corriedale recently). The only issue I had was continuously dropping the billowy wool and stepping on it. Oops!

It was easy to remedy though once I figured out a better way to stick roving together than what I was doing before.

I wanted originally to ply these together but I still suck at drafting and they came out bulky again.

So now I wanted to spin the Targhee but I didn’t have a bobbin to transfer my yarn and I couldn’t go to the neighbors to use her yarn swift at the time (I bought one I am hoping arrives in the next few days). So this is what I did!

I took an empty toilet paper roll and the only scissors I could find (I own 5 billion pairs but they are off partying somewhere) and cut a small slit on the top:

Then I took the fluffy end piece of my yarn and slid it securely into the slit as I held my drop spindle:

I held both the yarn in the slit of the toilet paper roll and the drop spindle firmly and tried to keep tension as I rolled it on. I had overspun some of the yarn so it was a challenge at times:


When I was done I cut another slit on the other end of the roll, cut my yarn off the drafting of the drop spindle and tucked it into place. Voila! Now I have a freed up drop spindle and a essentially free tool to hold my yarn for plying later. Easy peasy!



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