Step By Step Of My First Handspun Yarn

I am almost done catching up on back posts! I wish I would have started this blog years ago! Though, really I have lived a lifetime learning homesteading skills from my family and friends (mostly family). So that would equal an extremely large blog!

I didn’t intend on making a blog at first so I don’t have pictures of every step of my first attempt at yarn making. In an earlier blog I talk about getting into hand spinning and promised a blog about my adventures. Here’s what I do have!

I bought sample sized bags of cobalt blue Corriedale wool at “Amanda’s Art Yarn” in Poulsbo, WA. I wanted a bulky yarn and that’s what I got! I spun it clockwise or in a “Z” twist for naalbinding but now I think I may crochet it instead. Here is what it looked like when complete: 


 I don’t own bobbins and wanted a single ply so after I made it I went to my neighbor-friends house to use her yarn swift to make it into a hank. She did most of the work as I had no idea what I was doing. This is the yarn swift: 


After it was put on the yarn swift we tied it in places because…well because that’s what all the yarn making blogs told me to do. I suppose it’s for helping keep it altogether for washing and what I now call “spanking” after hearing it from a fiber lady in a group I am in. Here it is before washing and spanking: 


I washed it by dropping it in hot soapy water (Dawn) then poking it a bit before leaving it to sit for 10 minutes. I then gently rinsed it while trying not to felt the yarn. To dry I rolled it repeatedly in a towel to help pull out moisture. Here are pictures of the damp yarn: 


After that I shook the sh!t out of it and spanked it to loosen it up. Then I hung it to dry overnight. I have yet to use it and pictures below is the dry yarn begging me to make it pretty: 


And that’s basically the story of my first attempt at yarn making! 


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