Crafting As Part Of Homesteading 

You may be wondering how crafts such as spinning (what I have been posting mostly) are part of the modern definition of homesteading. Do It Yourself projects are part of self sufficiency. Being skilled in helping an animal under your care be born can be just as important as learning how to harvest and process fibers to create things. Blankets, clothing, dish cloths, et cetera are all part of the fiber arts. Spinning yarn, weaving, crocheting, knitting, sewing, etc are all invaluable skills. Not only are they beneficial to you but if need be (or if you want to do it) you can create and sell these things to help fund your lifestyle. 

Other crafts can be sold for monetary gain, trading for things you may need, used personally, etc. Not everyone has the time, desire or skills to make things you could learn (or already know how) to do. Creating things from your homestead are sought after. Especially, if you work organically. Goats milk soap, homemade cheese, distilled oils, lotion made with herbs you grew and all sorts of other things are just a few crafts you could try. If not to part with than for yourself. 

To think that homesteading is just having land with a sprinkle of animals (or not) doesn’t cover the wide array of things you can do. It is NEVER too early to start learning new skills for your future homestead if you don’t have a place yet and it is never too late to add more skills to your repertoire if you’re already homesteading. Just get out there and get to work! Find something new to love or hone a craft you already enjoy. 


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