Spring Blessings 

I woke up early today from the suddenly sweet scent and taste of the air coming in from my window. It was as if Spring had come to visit and was gently encouraging me to wake with it. The more I left sleep behind the more present and solid it became. Soft sunlight, warmer breeze and birds chirping. I watched my child in the light from the window sleeping peacefully and laid next to her to drift off once more. When I woke the second time my husband was home from work and coming through the bathroom door after a shower. We laid together as a family and bliss filled me. These sweet moments keep me going through the hard times when anxiety overpowers my senses. When I think I can’t take anymore. Today I feel blessed beyond measure. 

These moments relate more to my home rather than homesteading. They give me encouragement to keep working hard for the future we dream of together. To live a simpler life in our home with our gods and the local land and house spirits. Having something to push you to continue…something to inspire you and fill you with the drive you need to go on is something we all desire and require. Cherish each loving moment. 


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