Loving In Poulsbo

When we got our orders (military) to move to Washington State the city of Poulsbo immediately grabbed our attention. Nicknamed “Little Norway” due to the influence of the Scandinavian immigrants that is still VERY visible today it had instant appeal. Not only because of our ancestry and faith but because of the culture it might have. My husband is from a Dutch city in the Midwest and he lamented constantly about the lack of European food and bakeries (mostly bakeries) back where I am from in California. I remembered the German markets, restaurants and bakeries that by the time I was an adult had all but vanished in San Diego too. We both yearned for those things from our childhood that were lost. We were fairly happy in San Diego other than the heat, painful intensity of the sun and lack of greenery where we lived but learning of our new orders we were beyond excited. 

Poulsbo is a place we visit on many of our free days. They have a “Sons of Norway” hall full of events that make us feel part of a community. It’s lovely. We stop into “The Nordic Maid” every time we go to the main part of Poulsbo and generally pick up a token there. The main shopping area is next to the bay and the water has always called to my family. It is a gorgeous place and one where I don’t have to deal with others questioning my mjolnir or tattoos (or my husbands). The city is covered in Viking longboats and imagery of the Norse. Even their religious symbols are found in stores. 

We look here (away from the downtown area) often for a future homestead but often find land that is not suitable for us. Unless, we want to piss off the neighbors with our future goats, chickens and children who we would let run free on the land. We don’t feel judged and are comfortable here but realize this may not be the place the gods have in mind for us. So we move on. 

I highly suggest visiting this city if you are ever in Kitsap County. It is and probably always will be one of my favorite places in our area. 




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