Planting Roots – Starting Seeds In Washington State

My husband has started working really long days as of today. So he ran the family to the store yesterday to pick up some seeds and a peat moss soil seed starter in case we can’t get to it for a few weeks. We eventually want to buy seeds as local as possible but for now these work. You have to start somewhere! This is exactly how we started seeds growing up. Sometimes we would use egg cartons and a starter soil. However, my mom was a single parent for much of my childhood so this was cleaner and more convenient! 

I have always been fascinated by gardening. Though, I have tended to be more of an herb gardener in the past. I still have quite a collection of dried herbs from our previous home. In working to be more self-sufficient we want to grow and raise as much of our own food as possible however so veggies it is this time around! Starting small in our new home (as in area not actual home) is a good way to learn how gardening works here. Weather, environment, etc. Where I am from in Southern California if you didn’t mind having people give you dirty looks for using a lot of water you could pretty much grow year round. Here, it is very different. 

We used a peat moss seed starter and planted our seeds the day after the Full Moon (today). My trusty Farmers Almanac says this is shops time for planting root vegetables. If you believe in such things. Age old wisdom could be a good thing to listen to. We planted red kohlrabi, radishes, beets, carrots and turnips! Yum! I wasn’t sure how veggies that grow above the soil would do with the animals here so we thought root vegetables were the way to go. Kohlrabi may grow on top-ish but it’s so delicious we are willing to risk it! 



Usually, I only put a pinch of seeds into my starters but many instructions say three seeds will do for medium to larger seeds like many of these veggies produce. I added a little extra because frankly I am kind of insecure about growing here! I only know what I have learned from books and not first hand experience like I did back home. 


I emptied each packet into bowls I borrowed from my baby. Much easier to pinch and drop into the netting than straight from the paper envelope! The leftover seeds I will be giving as an offering to the local land wights/spirits later today. 


Afterwards I covered the seedlings and made sure the soil was still damp from the night before.


Then I put them in the sunniest part of my home with a place to set the mini green house. That just so happened to be the laundry room. It’s always warm in there even when nothing is on so it is a good place for the little babies! 


Now we wait. 

Due to where we live we will be growing things out of a tub in a few weeks. I got the idea from another Heathen friend who lives in a apartment in the South. She had a magnificently magical little garden on her back patio that inspired me to grow in this way as well. 
The only addition to hers is that we may put up something to protect it from animals as well since our home is a few feet from the forest. Here’s to hoping the deer don’t eat it all! 
I can’t wait to share progress of our tiny garden as we get it going. Thank you for being a part of our journey by reading my blog! 


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