Spinning – Mind, Body and Soul 

Spinning is a spiritual experience. For me at least. Each step I take I am moving to create. My body, mind and soul are part of it. 

Physically, my arms move to pre-draft the fibers. Trying to understand each fiber in connection to one another. Then twisting them to wrap the drop spindle to begin spinning. I give it a twist and watch it wind. Growing longer and stronger as I draft and spin. Once I reach the desired length I take special care to wrap up this beautiful creation I am crafting. Then I start again. It feels like dancing. I may stumble, drop my spindle, clumsily step on fibers and more but I still feel connected during it all. 

Mentally, I am taking note of every movement. Watching the process over and over. Noting mistakes. Figuring out solutions. Ideas flow freely in this time. Dreams pour over me of my future. Of the beautiful things my two hands will create. 

Spiritually, I feel my goddesses and ancestors near. I think on those of my blood who spun. Spun out of necessity and spun for their family. I’m lucky to have one image now that I can connect with. My four times back great grandmother at her wheel. Eleanore Bellefleur. Funny, before I even knew of her I had always loved that name. Perhaps more so I feel the spinning goddesses. Spinning the golden flax and the webs of life. Frigga, Frau Holda, The Norns. Doing my small part to keep their craft alive helps me feel their presence near. 

Spinning for me is both a craft I am learning for my own benefit but also a tool used in my spiritual practice. It is a beautiful thing that I cannot wait to expand on. Both as part of my desire for self-sufficiency and as part of my spiritual expansion. 



2 thoughts on “Spinning – Mind, Body and Soul 

  1. Oh YES!! And I am excited to be spending much of Frigga’s Day, tomorrow, with other fiber friends (though none of our spiritual bent) meeting with the class that manages the Icelandic sheep at the University of Maine Ewe Maine Icelandics: Sheep Club (https://www.facebook.com/groups/718363508233602/) tomorrow. I am currently working on some lovely brown wool from one of their sheep and am excited at the chance to meet him or her and the students as well. Then later in the day, I will be picking up a yarn bowl that I commissioned from a local potter; I am knitting two at a time socks and pulling yarn from both the outside and the center of a center pull ball and am hoping this bowl, with two spiral section to guide the yarn, will help eliminate tangles.

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