Tea-sition – Saying Goodbye To Coffee And Hello To Tea and Tasseomancy

I’m on a journey…to give up coffee. Or at least not drink it except as a very very rare treat. 

I decided to transition to tea instead. I could give up cold turkey but I have a giant container still waiting to be consumed. With switching to tea eventually I can grow my own herbs once again for it and check off another thing on my way to being self-sufficient. Many teas are caffeine free or have less caffeine than coffee as well. You probably have all heard how bad it can be for you in excess…as well as some studies that claim the opposite is true. Whichever it is this caffeine addict wants to wean herself. 

Herbal teas can also have various health benefits. My husband makes these disgustingly strong herbal teas that I cannot stomach but that I know are full of different things that are great for the body. He heals extremely quickly, is always happy and positive, has no physical ailments at almost 30 and he claims it is from from good food and vitamin supplements. I know I feel a lot better when I am eating well so tea is one way to add help. 

I also love that I can have fun with it. A friend gave me some Adagio Tea samples to try and I placed them loose in a lovely cup my Oma gave me. This way I could do some tasseography (also called tasseomancy) or tea leaf reading. The blend pictured is “Earl Grey Moonlight” and is made with earl grey oravo tea, vanilla tea, cream tea and blue cornflowers. I really enjoyed it! I added a bit of cream and sipped away. Careful to keep the herbs that didn’t sink from floating into my mouth. When I was almost done I swirled the last sip around the cup, put the saucer over the top and flipped it over. There I could read the leaves left in the cup. Anyone see the Grim? That’s a Harry Potter reference for those that are lost. 

There are references for the symbols you may see but I always think you should listen to what speaks to you. If you are unsure then check the symbolism but I would keep trying with more tea in the future. This can all be done with coffee grounds as well but I have had the hardest time not gulping down piles of grounds in the past. It’s gross. 

This may not relate to Heathenry but my interests outside of my main spirituality are broad. Divination has always interested me but at the same time I do not feel much use for often. Insight is always welcome but I don’t often feel the need to break out a tool for guidance every day. Meditation is another story altogether. 


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