Easy Savory Artisanal Olive French Toast 

The other day my family went to “Central Market” in Poulsbo (WA) to pick up some groceries. There my husband found an olive bread that he said was just like what he had eaten when he was in the Middle East. We brought it home and never got to it. It hardened and dried. 

Most people would have thrown it away but we know how to solve this problem. Make French Toast! Back home we often would buy various artisanal breads at our favorite Farmers Market. It almost always was rock hard the next day. So we started using it to make the BEST French Toast. Never soggy and has a nice chewy quality. For regular breads you can make it similarly to the instructions below. Instead of making it like this savory recipe use your regular French Toast recipe for soaking the bread in.

I don’t have an exact recipe for this. It is mostly experimenting with what you like and how much you want to make. What I do first is whisk some eggs.


Then I sprinkle the mixture with different herbs and spices. Pictured here is Turmeric, Salt and Pepper, Powdered Garlic, Smoked Paprika, Creole Spice and Dill. Use what catches your fancy though then whisk it again. You can add a dash of milk or water to make it fluffy. 



Then you cut your bread into slices no wider than an inch thick and place in the mixture to soak. Because these breads are usually dried and hardened it can take a bit. 5-10 minutes per side. Less for fresher bread. 


Then you can fry them in butter or oil until golden brown. If using garlic like I did you may get unsightly spots when cooking. It always still tastes fine to me though. 

Serve with alone or with Parmesan cheese or crumbled queso fresco! If you want to make your own bread from scratch that is even better! 


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