Homesteading – A Lifetime of Dreaming 

Ever since I was a child I can remember wanting a farm. A small one for just myself and my family. I can vividly remember an instance when I was young and we drove past a small homestead on a big plot of land. I thought to myself: “that’s going to be my home.” I think I might have even said it out loud at one point during the road trip but I can’t remember any responses. 

  With my Uroma (Great Grandma) at my Opa’s homestead.

The idea of a small farm appealed to me greatly living in a large city. My family was a big inspiration. The home my mother grew up in was a short drive away from the main part of the city. Large and lovely and surrounded by land. Oh, and built by my mother’s family when she was a child. How cool is that? I loved it. I remember daydreaming a lot while walking around exploring. 

There was a man with a peacock over the bridge that I vaguely remember and my mom told me about her family owning livestock on their side of the stream. Stories of family events where my Opa slaughtered a pig and prepared it himself to feed everyone made me want to do the same. Not in a grotesque sort of way but in a: “I want to nourish my family from my land.” Kind of way. 

 My family’s backyard in 2009

When they sold the house and moved I was devastated. I went up to the top room, looked out of the window at the back yard and cried. I admit I was extremely dramatic about it too. I think I was around 11 years old. It was the perfect place for a homestead. Though not for me. The frogs under the floor at night terrified me as a kid. Haha! 

My 21st birthday spent in the garden (the little girl is my baby sister)

In our own home my mom worked hard to grow gardens in the awful clay soil our city had. Every place we lived she had to have some living thing. When we moved into the last house before she left the state we had all built a large garden under her artistic direction. I even worked in a Garden Center and brought home plants all the time. We had a meditation garden and a large compost bin I had wanted so SO badly and finally received for my 21st birthday. It was great for city living. 

On my 21st birthday feeling deeply blessed over my compost bin birthday present


My dream of homesteading has been long in the making. Luckily, it’s always been a passion of mine and I have been able to gain useful skills over the years. Now, it is just bringing the dream to fruition. 
The meditation area of my family’s urban garden in 2009


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