Bottom/Low Whorl Spinning – First Experience 

I was trying to write a blog post earlier about some things that correlate more to my spiritual path. It wasn’t happening. My daughter has gone from taking naps that last at least an hour (usually more) to 20 minute naps before waking up ready to play. It could be teething (I can’t believe how many teeth are bombarding her poor baby gums lately) that is keeping her restless but she’s generally still happy and curious. The lack of good naps and her high energy keep me pretty much depleted of any brain power most of the time. 

So I decided to craft. Stress relief! 

I had a tiny bit of Targhee wool top left and decided to give bottom or low whorl spinning a try. One of my drop spindles was made to do both high and low whorl spinning. 


The verdict? I LOVE IT! 

I think this will work a bit better when my hooked Viking age spindle is in my hands but for now the groove works pretty well. 
I also noticed I wasn’t getting into the groove and finding myself spinning constantly with my fingertips instead of spinning and letting it go like I’m supposed to. That led to MUCH less over spinning. Here I only had that issue really when adding on pieces of wool. 

I can see this type of spinning working better on the go. The spinning bowls come to mind. Place on your lap or table and spin your spindle on it and it helps keep it in place. Or that’s how it appears. A woman in a fiber arts group I am a part of was even able to spin in the car! #goals 


Now, I’m in a place where I can either spin some angora rabbit fur or a rainbow with black accent merino and silk top blend. If you’re like me with crafting I get so anxious about “messing up” the better or harder to find (for me) stuff that I become stalled. Time to make a decision! In another blog! 



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