Easy Homemade (And Cheap) Lazy Kate and Plying Experience 

Tonight I was ready to ply yarn for the first time. I watched chain plying videos and it looked like too much work for an almost baby’s bed time yarn adventure. So I made up a little contraption from things around the house to hold my single ply S spun yarn as I fed it to my drop spindle. 

I made it using a pair of scissors, a dowel and a shoe box. The yarn was wound onto used toilet paper rolls that I talked about in a previous blog. 

I put the rolls in to see where they would sit first. 


Then I cut a hole using the tip of some scissors and poked the dowel through. I used caution with the scissors but had to take a picture.


There I tried to gauge where the other hole should be. 


It was kind of off but worked! 


You can even close the lid to keep dust off your work or to take with you if you’re traveling.


Then I undid the ends of the yarn and twisted them together before tying them onto the spindle. From there I worked on loosening bits of yarn that were overspun and tried to straighten them out a bit before spinning. I spun in the opposite direction (clockwise) than what I had spun the singles. I tested the spin to make sure it wasn’t overspun by loosening it and seeing if it curled up. If it didn’t I wound it and kept going. If it was I fed it more yarn. 


It was a lot of fun and pretty easy other than the yarn falling off at times with its bulky fluff. 


At the end the overspun bits were pretty bad so it took a bit more time to straighten it all out. It eventually worked out nicely and now I have the cushiest yarn to play with! In the morning I will put it on the yarn swift and make another blog about it. 



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