Finishing Up My First Plied Yarn

I wanted to show this process once more! I wrote about finishing yarn after spinning it in a previous blog but seeing as this is my first plied yarn I wanted to document it again. Mostly, for myself.

I recently got this birch wood yarn swift. The last yarn I made I used the neighbors. To start I opened it up just a little bit then screwed it into place. I didn’t open it all the way as I only have a little bit of yarn. At least that was my thinking. Now I am thinking it may have been easier to open it more for when I wrapped it into a hank. 

I then tied the beginning piece directly onto the yarn swift instead of tying it to yarn after wrapping it once. This worked better for me so I still had a hand to take pictures. 

After rolling it all out I tied the end to the yarn itself. 

I then began randomly loosely tying the yarn into bunches with another yarn so it would unravel from the loop as I washed it, etc. 

When taking it off I untied it from the swift and used the extra yarn to tie it on. 

Then I filled up a sink with HOT soapy water. I used Dawn dish soap but they make special wool washes. 

I poked it down with a spoon and left it for 10 minutes. 

After that I gently rinsed it and then squeezed it out. 


I was supposed to roll it with a towel but I didn’t have space with cooking and such going on in the kitchen and a super curious one year old in the living room who is grabby. 

So I took it outside and I spanked it! Ok I just smacked it a bit outside to loosen it all up before hanging it up to dry. 

After it dried (took a day) I cut all the extra yarn off at this point instead of before drying. Mostly, because I was worried my one year old would get to it and turn it into a felted ball or at least get knots into it. 

Then I used my ball winder to roll it up! I could have used the yarn swift to make a skein or assist me in winding but this was easier for me. Sort of. It was bulky and soft and didn’t fit into the guide so it was all over the place. 

But now I have yarn! Tah-dah! 


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