Rainy Day Play – Mess Free Paint Project For Kids

We have yet another weather advisory where we live today. The community board has popped up with reports of lights flickering and possible power outages. So I decided to set up some fun things for my toddler in case the power goes out. They are fun with the power on as well but she can get easily bored with her toys (unless they can be taken apart which fascinates her) so I wanted to have a backup in case we can’t run around the house safely. Of course we have plenty of backup lights, candles, etc but you never know how long a blackout will last. So it’s best not to use up your supply right away. 

The other day we were at a friends house and her kids were painting with non-toxic paints. Dagmar (my daughter) was introduced to it by their mom and it reminded me how I have wanted to get her something more artistic to work with. I set this up thinking it would be really easy to clean but still colorful and fun.  

I took ziploc bags and put a few hues of color in each. One had different metallic golds and yellow and another had blues and cream for contrast. I pulled out more paints to make bags of red, green, et cetera but I wanted to make sure my one year old found them interesting enough before making more bags. 

All I did was squirt non-toxic washable paint in (just in case), closed the bags and then tape them down well. The gold/yellow bag didn’t have enough air in it to smoothly move colors so I let more in when closing the blue/cream bag. 

Verdict? She thinks they are alright. 

She’s teething pretty horribly so she doesn’t stay put long to explore. I’m leaving them out since they don’t go bad. I’m thinking she will enjoy them when several teeth are attacking her poor baby gums. 

This isn’t directly homesteading related but it does help her little baby mind grow and learn. Crafts growing up were a driving force behind my desire to learn useful crafts and skills today. Perhaps they will for her too. 


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