The Well and Spindle 


I have had my Etsy shoppe “The Well and Spindle” since November of 2008. I have been a crafter my entire life with the guiding hand of my mother when I was a child until I found my own way (she still is a text away when I’m lost). It’s always been a part of me and when it became too much to give my creations all away it was suggested that I sell them. It opened up a whole new world to me. Being able to sell my things helped find new inspirations and passions.

I started with yarn dolls, wax tarts, candles and woodburned items and over the years have made oils, incenses, bath bombs, milk baths, bath salts, floor washes, jewelry of every kind I could afford to do, woodburned runes to wall hangings, body wash, natural big repellant, oil infused body powders, luminaries, witch balls, witch bottles, scrying mirrors, hand rolled smudge sticks, aura sprays, room sprays, herbal offering “stones”, hair adornments, herbal spell “waters”, clay creations, fire starters for ritual bonfires, homemade detergent, wands, fire throws that each released energy when burnt, teas, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, herbal home cleaners, spell kits, magical chalk, spell powders, et cetera. Selling my work helped me grow as a person and crafter. Growing both spiritually and gaining useful skills for the future. 

The shop also helped me pay for school. Working retail part time didn’t pay even for Junior College but the shoppe sure helped. My crafts turned herbs from my garden into textbooks and a custom spell candle into one extra class. Later, it was my only source of funds to help myself get through a part of life that I might have regretted had it not led me to my husband in time. Now, it helps my family and funds my search to grow my skill sets. When I make money from my creations I don’t tend to buy things that won’t help me. Sure, it’s happened but now more than ever my self-sufficient dreams are nearing and I’m running to learn what I can to help bring the journey to fruition. 

There are a few problems however. Firstly, I am a mother. Sure, I can find time to spin and crochet and cook good food from scratch. Those things my little one can happily help with or watch without harm. She’s only 13 months old currently but she’s my Viking child. Extremely strong willed, curious, intelligent, wild and full of single minded determination. I adore her. Even when she makes it difficult to do just about anything sometimes. Right now my skills in spinning and crochet or whatever I may be working on are not up to par to sell. So there is my jewelry. For the last few years that has been my focus. My now husband opened my eyes and my heart to crystals when we met. Working with them helped my shop blossom again after a time. Nurturing the dormancy that held it to the ground. With my child though the creation of such works is too dangerous. My tools and supplies are full of potential risk. My husband is in the military and so he’s often not home to take her to leave me to work. Even when he is gone to do so it’s hard to stay away from them. Time with my family is precious. 

So there is that dilemma. How to create when the things you make have to be hidden away. 

I kept telling myself I would find the time but it’s been months since I began my break to recharge. I’m actually quite happy where I am though watching my shop slip away hurts. My family is working towards purchasing land and a home to build our small farm together in a few years. To work as one to be more self-sufficient and to have a place where we can better honor our gods and ancestors and take pride in our hard work. Having financial backing…no matter how small…helps that. With my sales I have bought wool to learn to spin yarn to turn into things for us. To buy books to study on my own. To buy rare treats of special ingredients we rarely buy to learn to make a new meal for my family. To increase my skills and learn new ones. So not knowing the next step to take makes me feel lost. 

I have made enough excuses to those who wait on me to finish with my vacation of sorts from the shop. This is what it is. Until my eyes are opened as to what can be done my shop will still sell my other works but I can never know when fresh creations will arrive. I hope those that do take interest can understand that. Thank you to those who remain with me. Thank you to those that know I am more than an Etsy shop. I am so grateful to you. 


3 thoughts on “The Well and Spindle 

  1. I was not fortunate enough to have discovered your shoppe when you sold things aside from jewelry. I did get some herbs from you, and they were good quality. But what I’ve known you for mostly is your jewelry, and I can say without hesitation that I love each piece I’ve bought, and the quality is excellent. I do hope that you are able to get back to the shoppe soon, as I believe you need it in your life. Not only financially, but it’s good for your soul. It’s certainly understandable that it’s hard to work on things for the shoppe with the wee darling, but I am thinking that the things you are able to work on now are building new skills for new items for the shoppe down the road. I have confidence that you will be able to get back to it, and I am looking forward to seeing new things in the future.


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