Homemade Soy Milk Recipe 

 I decided to try my hand at making soy milk recently. My family went to a store here with a wide variety of health foods and we were happy to find raw dried organic yellow soybeans. We bought a pound of them to make milk and other foods. Yesterday, I started the process of creating them. From my understanding it was a good deal like making almond milk. Though there is a time for heating the mixture it makes which you don’t do with almond milk. 


What you will need: 

*1 cup raw dried soybeans 

*4 cups water 

*1/2-1 teaspoon of real vanilla extract 

*Sugar/Honey/Sweetener of choice to taste if you want to sweeten it

I took the soybeans and soaked them in water overnight. I generally left my almonds soaking for 18-24 hours so I left these around the same time (mostly because we went on a hike and I didn’t get yo it beforehand). No harm in leaving them longer than the minimum of about 12 hours. 

Then I poured the whole thing into the blender and put it on the highest setting for some time. I wanted to really mix the two ingredients. Then I let it sit while I cooked dinner. Waiting isn’t necessary but I feel as it does with my almond milk that it might enhance the flavor to let it sit broken up and blended for a while. 

Then I strained with cheesecloth. Or rather tried to. The mixture was so thick and foamy I had to put it into a strainer first.  

Even after that it was slow going.

When finished I put the strained liquid in a pan and brought it to a boil as I stirred. 
Once it started to foam I began scooping those bits out. It was difficult as stirring kept making more but I got most of it.
After that I turned down the heat and let it simmer for 20 minutes while stirring occasionally.
I then turned off the heat and added the vanilla extract. I like a bit more than what most recipes call for so I added 1 full overflowing teaspoon. I also dropped in a tablespoon of honey. 
Then I stirred it a bit more before letting it cool.

After cooling I placed it in a mason jar and stuck it in the fridge to try out later. It’s super good warm though (I HAD to test it!). It should last about 5 days in the fridge. Easy and yummy! 


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