Homemade Coconut Milk Recipe

We make a few different types of nut milks in our home. We rarely buy animal milk and when we do raw goat milk is our top choice. Most made from scratch nut milks take 12-24 hours to make as the ingredients need to soak. Coconut milk is great when you don’t have that time. It doesn’t need to soak and still tastes great! You can use fresh meat if you don’t mind breaking open and cleaning out a coconut. Or in a pinch (or if you need a longer self life for the ingredients) you can use dried coconut meat. Be aware that some are sweetened. Also, note that the meat straight from the coconut creates a richer milk. 

You will need: 

*4 cups water

*1 cup (or around there) coconut meat

You will also need a blender, cheesecloth/strainer, and a container (I prefer mason jars) to keep your milk in. Sweeteners are optional and to taste. You can also use extracts to change/enhance the flavor. 

To make add all of your coconut meat and half the water to the blender.

Blend on high for a few minutes. 

Let rest 5-10 minutes. I sometimes leave it longer and go clean up toys or wash dishes. 

Add the rest of the water and blend again for a few minutes. 


Strain through cheesecloth or a strainer. Leave the meat in the cloth if you’re using that and let sit a few minutes. 

Use the cheesecloth to gently squeeze out any more liquid.


Store in a jar or pitcher for 4-5 days. 



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