Waxed Cloth Container Covers 

My family is part of the Society for Creative Anachronism and we love studying all things Medieval. Especially, the Norse. Trying to be as period as possible takes A LOT of time, money (THIS) and energy. There are some things that can help make things look more Medieval on the cheap though that we have utilized. Our goal is to first work on acquiring better garb then work on our campsite. Our camp is entirely modern at this point other than a few kitchen items. I found photos of people using waxed covers for food containers and mugs (to keep bugs out) and decided to make some. These covers will also be used in our home as we work towards being less wasteful! 

You will need: 


*Beeswax (grated or bought in pellet form)


*Pencil or cloth marker

*Disposable bakeware or a lot of tinfoil to cover bakeware 

*Paint or sponge brush 

*Disposable chopsticks, skewer sticks or something pokey to pick things up with

*Paper plate for cooling

Preheat your oven to at least 150 degrees. I started with this and went up to 165 to help speed it along. I wouldn’t go higher than this unless you want discolored wax and potentially start a fire. While your oven is preheating you can cut your linen into circles. Make sure it is at least an inch wider than the opening of the container you are using. 

If you need to grate your beeswax do so now. If you’re using pellets be sure to have them out and ready. 


Place linen circles onto your disposable pan or well covered pan with aluminum. 

Sprinkle a little beeswax on them. Too much will leak off and be a waste. Too much wax on the linen also turned it into a wax block and it can’t be used unless you’re going to turn it into a fire starter! You will repeat this process until it’s all distributed evenly 

Place in oven and check on it to see when the wax has fully melted. Take it out when it has and IMMEDIATELY take the brush to even it out. Add more wax if needed and repeat the process. This may take a few tries.

Once it is where you want it take out of the oven and use something disposable to pull it off if the pan right away and onto a paper plate or another surface to cool. I forgot our emergency paper plates have been put away so I just tossed it on a mug. I used my paint brush despite having chopsticks at the ready to lift it. 

Once it has cooled (it cools very quickly) you can shape it to the top of the container you wish to use it on. The heat from your hands helps make it malleable. Take your time with it! There’s no rush here. 
These are pretty great and can be reused. I’ve seen people make cloth covers for their food but I prefer these now. I have not tested them “in the field” yet but unlike back home the temperatures don’t tend to rise above 100 degrees often during wars/camping events so I am not worried about them. Use in the home is really easy though and works well from what I understand. 


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