Spinning Angora Rabbit Wool

This blog is a few weeks late but for some reason I just never got around to it. A while back we visited a community near to us that has quite a few small farms. So of course there is bound to be a feed store nearby. Our favorite one is called “Lone Rock Mercantile” in Seabeck, WA. It’s not your typical dingy feed store. There are books on raising livestock, animal feed, recipe books, handmade items, food (for humans too!) and recently they had one lonely ounce of Angora rabbit wool roving. 

Of course I had to have the roving. 

It was deliciously soft and fluffy. Just like a bunny! Which is where it comes from. I pulled it from the bag and it was like a cloud! It is one of the fiber animals we will own someday. There are different types and unfortunately I don’t know which this came from. Luckily, it is local so feelers have already been put out to acquire more. 

This was the first time I have spun fiber in the manner I did. I usually buy my fiber in ropes that I split apart to pre-draft. This I drafted as I spun and it fluffed up all over the place. Which I actually really loved. 

Now that it is spun I have put it on a bobbin (aka a toilet paper roll) while I search out the perfect superfine merino to spin and ply it with. I can’t wait until I can lovingly care for my own angora rabbit and trade treats for fiber that I can turn into beautiful things for my family. 


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