Learning New Crafts – Cross Stitch

There has been this growing list of crafts I have wanted to learn that seems to never end as I discover new things. Having my Etsy shoppe active stumped my crafting growth in recent years. I spent all of my time making things I knew well and had a lot of experience with so I could make a small amount of money for myself, my family, etc. Recently, my shop has been completely ignored other than filling orders for items that have already been made. It’s mostly due to my daughter being much more mobile and my jewelry making tools were just too dangerous to have out. My work was also extremely time consuming (Viking Knit mostly) and was difficult to put away quickly. Taking more time than I would want from spending it with my family with my full attention. 

Having the shoppe put aside has been so liberating and has helped me to grow exponentially in a short period of time. I started learning crochet and spinning (with a drop spindle), began to learn knitting with my friend (I need to get back to that!), I’ve started experimenting more in the kitchen and also got back into herbalism, I’ve started blogging and writing for personal use and for “Huginn’s Heathen Hof”, I’ve started reading more, et cetera. It’s great! I still have many crafts I want to learn but not having the funds from my shop puts a bit of a damper on that. So there is one downfall from it. 

One of the crafts on my list is something I have been afraid of. It looked too difficult to comprehend the way my mind works. However, after dabbling with embroidery years ago I thought now was the perfect time to start cross stitch. Which is said to be one of the first forms of embroidery. Instead of going back to embroidery that was a bit easier for me to work with I decided to go with something harder for me. I didn’t want to put it off any longer. I started searching for kits online and at stores in my city but everything seemed too complicated for a beginner, too time consuming and large for someone just testing it out or frankly…not cute. Many patterns have not been updated for new and modern crafters and I think maybe that is why I rarely see anyone my age or even younger than me working with it. Those “cool” patterns I do see tend to be made by handcrafters and come with a hefty price tag. Which is fine if you can afford it! Support artists! My interests lay mostly in folk patterns (which are oddly still hard to find books of, etc), geekery, magical works and religious symbolism. I have found very few items that suit my interest and most are completed works rather than patterns. I did however find a fairly simple mini-sampler of Dutch images to go in our Delft inspired kitchen! It’s coming from Canada so I started on this instead of waiting. 

So today after letting my husband choose the colors and material for my first piece I came home to get to work. I thought making the bindrune of our names that was made for our handfasting would be a simple and easy first project. As I am writing this blog I have spent hours on the piece and that has been drafting the image, looking at websites for help, erasing many maaaaany things, et cetera. Starting over more times than I care to admit. I tried using free pattern creators but that wasn’t helpful at all with the image I was using. 

I think if I had started with a kit I might have had a better grasp of what to do. Videos, written tutorials, etc were not the most helpful though so who knows if a kit would have been. 

Be sure to look out for future blogs with progress shots and hopefully eventually the finished project! 


2 thoughts on “Learning New Crafts – Cross Stitch

  1. What a lovely idea for a first project, and very ambitious! From the look of your graph, I think it’s going to turn out very well, and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product.


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