Ostara 2016 – An Overview Of Our Day 

Not all Heathens celebrate Ostara but our personal practice is influenced by our ancestry and so therefore we do. Some use the day to celebrate Idunn or even Sunna instead of the Anglo-Saxon and/or German Goddess Eostre/Eastre and/or Ostara. We call the day Ostara because of its connection to that goddess or simply refer to it as the Spring Equinox (Vernal Equinox works too). 

Generally, to celebrate the seasons official change we make good Spring themed food, give offerings, bring flowers into the home, et cetera. Depending on where we live and what is happening in our lives we do more. When we lived in San Diego we tried to attend rituals with the greater Pagan community. Our local ADF group held many events connected to the Northern gods and other beings so we joined them when possible. Celebrating on a specific day isn’t necessary. It’s just “easier” and more popular. It has felt like Spring here for weeks whereas where my mom lives it’s still snowing and where my dad lives their Winter weather is our Spring weather so it’s harder to tell when it begins. I feel we could have celebrated this day earlier or waited until our last potential for frost has passed. Our ancestors didn’t follow the Gregorian calendar (well, until it was created and put into practice at least).

We celebrate on the Spring Equinox or as close to it as we can most of the time. When we “feel” the change in the air and environment we make offerings to the land wights and to the “awakening” that comes with Spring. On Ostara we give our flowers as offerings at the end of the day. When we had a garden we worked within it and gave offerings to the land wights who watched over and inhabited it. Other crafts included dyeing eggs, making candles from egg shells, painting symbolic images of Spring, starting processes like mead making, et cetera. 

Today, our celebration was fairly simple. We spent the whole day being together as a family and doing our daily routine with a little more thought on the changes that come with the season. It is our first Spring here and it has already proved to be eventful and beautiful. I woke up and put my seedlings on the porch. With our heavy winds, rain and potential for frost I had been avoiding it but these precious things needed more light than our house can offer without higherinh our electric bill. We are new to the PNW and have now learned we need to find our sun lamps for the baby plants in the future instead of multiple lights in every room that peeks into each other. They were not transplanted though. Only left to get a tiny bit more light than our house gave them. Then I made a hearty breakfast for my family before spinning some of the last bit of wool top I have until I can procure more. It was a bright yellow with white streaks and I felt as if I was spinning the sun. Absolutely gorgeous stuff on this gloomy day. 

Other than that I cared for our Easter Lily, cleaned, baked a lemon-lavender dessert bread/cake, made a special lunch influenced our heritage, toasted to each other and the gods/wights/ancestors, sat together with my family and played with the baby and generally just enjoyed the day. Time with family is a great way to celebrate any special day. If you don’t have family near you can sometimes find local events or go for a stroll in nature or even in a garden center. If you have a kindred I’m sure time spent with them would be appropriate. 

Happy Ostara! 


2 thoughts on “Ostara 2016 – An Overview Of Our Day 

  1. To you as well. It looks like you really had a good day of it! We cooked up a meal of last year’s goat and this spring’s greens and sang and drummed together. It was a good time.


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