Looking For Land – The Search Continues 

Listening to your gut feeling (some would say responding to a nudge from the gods/ancestors) is a great thing. I resist at times thinking I’m just being indecisive. So glad I listened recently with a recent glimpse into our future and didn’t get my hopes up about property we explored online. We are not ready to move. We have a bit of debt to still pay off so we can start fresh instead of adding more to the pile. We also want to expand our family in the next year or two and starting on a bigger homestead with a toddler and a pregnant lady/newborn is kind of silly. Not saying it can’t be done but that for us as a military family it would be extra stress we don’t need. Slow and steady wins the race. Waiting gives us time to prepare and adjust to living in the PNW. 

The land we were considering was something that wasn’t going to be placed on the market for quite a few years. That was great for us so we could get to know the area in the meantime and prepare for the transition. Knowing what we were getting in the long run seemed like an impossibly true dream. Like knowing the future and just having to wait for it to come to be. Well, it was impossible. Which was actually more than fine for me. 

My husband and I share many of the same dreams for our life and future. It makes many things easier for us. One thing we differ on is people. He grew up on a chunk of land in a small town. I grew up in the city where you have a neighbor within spitting distance. I fear living too remotely. He craves it. We have made some compromises in trying to come to a conclusion that will suit us both. The plans make sense considering we want to farm and own animals. So having neighbors too close wouldn’t be great for us. Being able to be heard if I scream is basically the distance we decided on. I’ll be buying a megaphone to be sure they can hear me if I need help. Sort of joking there but not entirely. My main concern is having medical care nearby. Living on a small farm with eventually multiple people is bound to end up with someone needing a couple stitches or cast at some point. We can hope that won’t happen but better safe than sorry. I would also prefer not to give birth on the road to the hospital like I have heard of so often of before when living in more remote areas. Home birth isn’t something we personally after my first birth. 

This property was too far for me from neighbors, hospitals and stores if any of my (future) kids were sick or needed something ASAP (though we would plan to be prepared for this instead of needing to o into town). It wasn’t nearly as far as other farming areas we looked at but still too far for this part of our lives. It was perfect in many ways for our homesteading plans. We even drove out to it to take a peek and talked to the owner about visiting when the land was a bit more dry. It looked great in the back (from looking online) but the house itself wasn’t our style and too hidden in the forest. Not enough bodies of water for us either from what we saw. It’s something we feel our best near. It was the best option we had found since moving here though. Just not quite right. Our idea of a perfect home may change once my husband retires from the military or other things change but for now a more urban homestead may be our best option for the area. 

Plans change. People change. 


2 thoughts on “Looking For Land – The Search Continues 

  1. Nothing wrong with urban homesteading. Nothing wrong with no neighbors for ten miles either, provided you have what you need to take care of yourself for a while. I also prefer the middle ground. My 26 acres are set well back from any main roads, but town is less than ten miles away and there are a few neighbors within one mile. Lots like this one DO exist, so don’t give up hope just yet. I do understand wanting to wait a bit though. Perfectly reasonable, in fact. I wish you the right property at the right time, and the ability to recognize it when it appears.

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  2. We’re in the same place as you right now. Although we have a plot of land it will be a while before we can afford to put anything on it and I’d like to wait until my baby is a little older as well. We’re figuring on about three to five years until we’re ready to make the move. In the meantime we’re taking the Teddy Roosevelt approach: “Do what you can with what you have where you are.”


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