Coconut Milk Kefir – Part One of Two 

This is Part One of Two! Part Two can be found here: (I will add the link after I write and post it tomorrow)

Long before I met him my husband has been drinking kefir. I am not a fan of yogurt or pretty much anything fermented so I never liked it. I tried adding tiny bits into my drinks for health reasons but couldn’t “handle” it. It is amazing in baking though. I have never had such moist and delicious cakes and such until I started using dairy based kefir in place of milk, water, etc. I have yet to try a vegan kefir and my husband has had containers to create his own for most of our partnership. So we finally did it! Made kefir that is. 

My husband purchased the water kefir grains from two different suppliers so we could test them against each other in time. There are dairy grains/yeasts but my husband wanted to get a vegan base so we can work with more variety. Or whatever his plan is. We used the grains in homemade coconut milk as he has heard it is the best nut milk based kefir.

I used a fresh coconut to make my milk and added the water (juice?) from inside the coconut. You can make your own using fresh or dried or try it with store bought. I had my husband open the coconut with this method from my childhood:

First he poked holes through these openings.


I have used anything from nails to a screwdriver in the past. He chose a screwdriver. He punctured the three flat spaces then we drain the coconut liquid out.


Then because he is how he is he basically tore the thing apart with the screwdriver.
I took it into the kitchen and removed the meat from the shell with a spoon and butter knife. 

Then I cleaned the meat a bit more. 

At this time my toddler wanted to play under my feet so I moved and strained any coconut hair, etc out of the juice we collected. 
After that I washed the meat off and set it in a blender with the strained juice and added 4 cups of filtered water.

 Then followed my recipe here:

To make the kefir I used:

*4 cups plain coconut milk

*The contents of one package of water kefir grains (you really need just 2-3 tbs)

*1 tbs sweetener of your choice

– This helps feed the grains. Not so much for sweetening. I just organic raw agave but honey, raw sugar or another natural sweetener may work. 

I mixed the raw agave with the milk fully before putting it in the jar. 
Then I put the water kefir grains in this nifty tea strainer thingy that it came with. They didn’t really fit and it led me to think I added too many. The instructions were not exactly clear on what to do. 


I pushed the sucker into the bottle slowly as juices seeped out.

Then I covered it with Saran Wrap seeing as my toddler decided to hide the lid. 
Then I left in the warmest part of our kitchen to do its magic. It has to sit at least 12 hours and I had heard it recommended to stop at 36 but other says 48 hours is fine. The next blog will show the fermentation process and the final result. 


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