Coconut Milk Kefir – Part Two of Two 

Part Two of my Coconut Milk Kefir blog! The first post can be found here: Coconut Milk Kefir – Part One of Two | The Heathen Homesteader

As you can see here only a few minutes after I added the water kefir grains to the coconut milk it started to go to work. I made this in the afternoon and the kitchen was warm (for here) still from cooking lunch. 

This was early the next morning:

The morning after that: 

It was here that I used a bowl and a strainer to empty out the contents from my brewing bottle.

Some of the grains had escaped the bag so I set the whole bunch aside to drain a bit more before packing it up for later use. 

I then poured the contents into a different bottle to refrigerate. The agave from the recipe adjusted the color. 

It got thicker in the fridge as it waited to chill. 

The next day my husband was finally home to test it. This sat for about 36 hours with the grains then about 12 alone cooking so I expected it to be super sour. He enjoyed it though but said he prefers his kefir to have more bold flavor as he was used to flavored store bought kefir. Such as strawberry or blueberry dairy kefir. 
So he decided to use it as his base for his protein shakes instead of soy milk. He loved it! Next time I am going to try fermenting it with the coconut meat and adding natural extracts after it is complete. Yay for experimentation! 


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