Drying and Storing A Sourdough Starter

I had been wondering how to save some of a special sourdough starter gifted to me by my friend Michelle for a while now. It’s s 300+ year old Bavarian sourdough starter she acquired through a collector. It came dried and in crumbles. I kept telling myself to find out how it was done but repeatedly forgot to search for instructions. Then this link: http://pin.it/6JA7scd was repinned on Pinterest by another friend. When I saw it in my newsfeed I was so excited! I could finally save some of my starter to give to family and store in general.

I didn’t plan on writing a blog about it until I was already starting on it. So therefore I didn’t take pictures of my entire process. You can find those in the blog post I shared above if you’d like! 

I started by feeding my starter. I usually keep mine in the fridge in between baking as I currently am only using it once a week if that. I took it out the day before I decided to use some so it would be at room temperature. Then I mixed a cup of warm (not hot) water and a cup of unbleached all purpose flour together into my starter. After it started bubbling I covered a cookie sheet with parchment paper and poured some of my starter on.

Then I tried to smooth it out as thinly as possible.

After I was done I added another piece of parchment paper to the top and gently pushed it down.

Then I let it dry at room temperature. After 24 hours I noticed the edges were all dry so I removed the top layer of parchment paper. 

Instead of waiting longer I crumbled off the completely dry bits to save in a mason jar. 

I waited another day to crumble the rest. Some small pieces were still not quite ready so I left those and put the rest in my jar to save. I live in a wet climate but my kitchen is usually pretty warm so I think that helped it dry up quicker than anticipated. 

To use again you just need to add a bit to a mixture of half warm water and half flour. I wouldn’t use flours like rye or buckwheat. I did that with my original starter I made from scratch and it took far too long to break down and begin bubbling. 

So simple and such an easy way to store your starter and/or dry some to gift others!


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