Crocheted Kitchen Cloths Project 

So I might have a problem with not finishing projects. Not by choice though! I am one of those people who get obsessive about a project and all I want to do is finish it. I even dream about my crafts. When I first started learning how to crochet I was crocheting in my dreams. When I was finally ready to start cross stitching (a craft that has been on my list to learn “forever”) I dreamt about it every night until I couldn’t take it anymore and had to go buy supplies without even knowing what I was doing and not really sure what I needed. Then of course after I started I still dreamt of it. Because that’s what my brain does to me. 


A lot of the time when I don’t finish a project it is because someone wants something. So I stop what I am working on to make what that person asked for. Other instances include running out of supplies (and either not having the funds to complete it at that time or not having time to go to into town to buy supplies), getting supplies in for another new craft I am excited about (why do I do this to myself? Oh yeah…because I love crafting!) or I am simply generally busy.  

This project is something I have slowly been working on since I learned to crochet last year. My neighbor-friend Michelle inspired me to go paperless. She doesn’t use paper products for cleaning (other than for tushies) and it seemed nice when I went to her house to always have an abundance of towels and rags to clean up a mess (usually from my daughter who thinks she’s Marvel’s Thor and throws food and drink down forcefully. “ANOTHER!”). I also saw her making beautiful knit dish cloths that were a major upgrade from paper towels. Both in looking great and being cost effective…oh and of course less wasteful! She made two for me and I use them for a lot of pictures with food for this blog because they are so pretty. Its one of the reasons I can’t wait to find time to ask her to help me learn to knit. Her cloths are deliciously floppy and easy to work with! She already started to teach me her ways but my daughter wanted to be in my lap or nurse every time we started working. So it has been a few months since I could get back into it. 

Eventually, I just started crocheting some super basic 100% cotton cloths. Square and simple. I wanted to build a stash to start using as sponges, dish drying cloths, for wiping down counters, etc. The problem was I kept giving them away! I love making things for people! I even have a package that includes a few of my crocheted cotton cloths upstairs for my mother in law that I still need to send. I also promised another friend some so I started working like crazy to make a pile of all the same size so she could choose what colors she liked. After an initial collection I would start working on different stitches. Other projects got in the way however.

I finished a crocheted beanie for my husband yesterday so I decided last night to get back to work making more cloths so I could start using them more. I wanted to make a ton before I started using them with everything (I have one I use but the rest are new). I see now though that waiting is pretty silly. So my husband picked a drawer to clean out for our kitchen cloths collection. Both for my handmade cloths and some store bought towels for covering bread dough, etc.

 I was never a fan of much color except jewel tones until I moved to the Pacific Northwest. Now, I am super into all these bright colors! Perfect for a tiny pick me up considering we have less than half a year of sunny days here. I love the rain but I am still adjusting after moving from Sunny San Diego last Summer. A place where I spent most of my life. 

I also made some half sized cloths that I intended for small messes but I discovered today that they make super cute and simple coasters! I’m not great with explaining crochet but for the mini cloths I chained 15 then did a single weave out of the front loop until the size looked even. I chained 30 for the larger pieces and they fit great in our drawers. I am going to make a bunch of 45’s at some point as well. So I hope that is helpful if you were curious! I also made a few for face cloths in our bathrooms so they can be used for many different things! 

I am so excited to make more changes slowly but surely to waste less and save us money by handcrafting our things. 


4 thoughts on “Crocheted Kitchen Cloths Project 

  1. I love knit and crocheted dish cloths, although I must say that I prefer knit as they are more flexible. They’re also lovely projects to start learning to knit – you can learn all sorts of different stitches and patterns with them.


  2. Several years ago, when I taught myself to knit, dish cloths were the perfect project to help me work out my tension and to help learn new stitches. U-tube is an amazing resource. I’d bet if you picked up some needles and cotton, you’d have a little cloth in no time 🙂 If I could figure it you, you can!


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