Today’s Project: Crocheted Bar Soap Bag

When I lived in San Diego we had an abundance of large year round Farmer’s Markets. One of my favorite things to buy other than fresh food was cold process soap. It has been far too many years to recall when my addiction to cold process soap began but it has been a while and I still love it as much as I always have. Living in NW Washington state our Farmer’s Markets locally are a fraction of the size back home. They also only run part of the year probably due to the rain and cold. So unfortunately, I had run out of my soap a few months back and looking online wasn’t the same as being able to smell the soap in person and interact with the person who made it. My commercial body washes didn’t make me feel as good either. So when I found locally made (technically it’s a few hours from where I live but I bought it when I was visiting closer to the farm where it is produced) at a co-op I was super excited and it was hard to choose which one I wanted. I knew the market season here was about to start so one was enough. I chose honey and lemon goats milk soap. 

When I found the soap I knew I wanted to finally crochet a soap bag for it. I had been waiting to try and make one until I had a bar I could use as a guideline for sizing. I am a newer crocheter and horrible at following written patterns so I make most things by winging it. This bag in the pictures you will see scattered about I made from 100% cotton yarn started along the same way I made a tarot bag recently for my mom. Then I tried something else and it started to look like a wonky net. Works for me! Something I hope will look better the next time around. 

Someday, I hope to make my own cold process soap. I have made various types of hot process soap over the years but it is never quite the same. I have researched making my own cold process but it is simply not cost effective if I want a variety. Nor do I have the space for a good set up. I also plan on using milk from goats I have raised so waiting on a few life changes to make the soap happen. Which I am perfectly content with. I can wait! For now supporting local handcrafters is the way to go for me. 


4 thoughts on “Today’s Project: Crocheted Bar Soap Bag

  1. I like this idea! Silly question: do you leave the soap in the bag when you wash yourself with it, as a kind of a scrub glove? (Is that even a word?) So nice to meet a fellow novice crocheter/knitter and am enjoying reading your blog 🙂


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