Fresh Squeezed – Using An At Home Baby/Toddler Food Pouch Kit 

We have had several types of these pouch kits on our Amazon wish list since I was pregnant (my toddler is now 14 months old). For some reason we kept pushing off purchasing one. Recently, we have seen how often we hand our daughter pretzels, crackers or other easy to clean up snacks when on the go. Mostly, because she is a normal kid and loves to make messes and we want to avoid her being sticky or filthy when we are not home. Like most parents we want her to be consuming more nutritious food when we are out and about (we love to take a lot of mini road trips). She already eats well at home for the most part. So this idea came backup to help when on the go.

Our daughter was left to do baby led weaning. She wanted to eat earlier than what we had researched was a good time to start solids but our concerns were put to rest by two doctors we consulted who were familiar with and in support of BLW. So she ate with us for the most part. To this day we rarely make her separate food and just watch our food choices so she can eat with us. The only difference is now we often give her her own plate/bowl and utensils instead of always allowing her to eat straight from our plates. She’s never had any issues and if she doesn’t like something she simply doesn’t eat it. She also continues to breastfeed on demand so she has that nutrition as well. 

I have wanted to try the pouch foods for half her life but my husband and I had decided not to feed her store bought baby food other than some crackers and dried treats we tried out. So no jars of food, formula or any other pre-made baby food other than crackers and yogurt drops. Though, I don’t judge anyone who uses those things. A happy and healthy fed baby is all I really care about. You do you. I also feel like I’m a little late in introducing my toddler to these squeeze pouches but better late then never. A squeeze pouch full of vegetable purée is better than a handful of popcorn. 

It’s pay day so we are low of veggies until we can purchase more food. I did have some carrots, rhubarb and sugar snap peas so I chopped those up and lightly steamed them. 

Then I put them in a blender with a dash of homemade coconut milk kefir for the probiotics. 

Afterwards I used this super simple machine to fill a pouch for her to try out the goodies. 

Verdict? Not mess less. Just less messy. She spit out her first mouthful then started working on it more a little unsure. She might enjoy a cold fruit pouch better. 
This kit also comes with a handy reminder to let you know how long food can be kept. These pouches are disposable (we researched reusable but I was not comfortable with the issue of keeping them properly sealed and more importantly cleaned after use without bad bacteria building up) and can be written on just like milk storage bags. 

Making your own baby food is easy and cheap. If you can get a little kit like this one I highly recommend it. And no, I am in no way endorsed by this company to promote their product. 


One thought on “Fresh Squeezed – Using An At Home Baby/Toddler Food Pouch Kit 

  1. Working at a daycare, we have had some parents who bring their infant/toddler’s own food from home. Having watched the same children grow from infancy to pre-k, I have noticed that the ones who are fed what the parents eat from an early age seem to be less picky and more inclined towards healthier food. I plan on getting one of these once my little guy is old enough to feed himself.


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