Cheese Stuffed Pretzel Rolls

When I posted my recipe for pretzel buns it got attention from one of my favorite Facebook fan pages. “American Viking.” The link can be found here:

The page owner suggested the rolls be stuffed with sausage and cheese if I remember correctly. Today, I obliged and made them with cheese (sorry there wasn’t sausage!). I used Colby Jack and Irish Dubliner cheese. Now that they are finished I think more cheese would have been amazing but some did break open so despite how even tastier they may have been it wouldn’t have ended well. 

I used this recipe: Pretzel Buns (and rolls!) Recipe | The Heathen Homesteader

When you get to pinching the dough for shaping I only pinched a few times then added the cubes of cheese before pinching it shut.

Then I dropped them into the baking soda water (look at the original recipe) with the seam on top. When I dropped seam down the cheese tried to escape. I didn’t change anything else from the recipe and they came out great! Mozzarella or other softer cheeses would have been even better for the ooey gooey kind of texture many of us like in cheese stuffed goodies. 


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