Sun Tea and Reusing Jars 

Where I am from the majority of the year is sunny. It had its perks. Gardening was much easier, you could line dry clothes quickly, flip flops were a year round occurrence (I don’t like wearing shoes), et cetera. There was also sun tea. It has been sunny here in NW Washington for the last few days. So I pulled out an old pickle jar to clean (again as it had been sitting a while) a few days ago so I could begin the process. Problem was…the jar still stunk. No worries though! I can fix that! 

Oddly enough, vinegar (something we use to pickle veggies along with spices) actually helps clean out the smell! I first re-cleaned the jar with hot water and blue Dawn (the original works the best). Then I rinsed it before adding half hot water and half white vinegar. I left it overnight and rinsed it in the morning. Then I left it to air dry completely without a lid (I soaked the lid in a tub of the same solution) while we took a trip to Portland to visit family. That night I got everything ready for the next day (I made it yesterday so I am a day late in blogging about it!).

All you need is a jar, tea, water, sweetener (optional) and sun. 

I had matcha green tea packets from Costco to use. I tend to use loose leaf for hot tea but for my cool brews or sun tea making I like easier clean up (I can be lazy). I have been known to use reusable muslin tea bags but mine have kicked the bucket and I have yet to search for any locally or make my own again. So I have been using these for now purely out of convenience. I used honey for my sweetener (a simple syrup is the most commonly used sweetener if you prefer that) and filtered water. Tap water can be used but some people talk about the bacteria not being killed off with enough heat. Use whatever you feel comfortable with. 

I put in half a cup of local honey then filled up the jar halfway before stirring. Without heat the honey doesn’t do too much but just getting it moving helps. 

Then I filled the rest of the jar. 
I took 10 tea packets and used the lid to hold them in place. 



Then I left it in the sun for the day. Depending on the intensity of the sun where you are at you can leave for as little as an hour. Here? I left it for the entire day just to be certain. It hasn’t been hot (well, it’s been hot to me but I’m a wuss) and the sun wasn’t intense so I felt longer was better. 

I took it inside and stirred again (I also shook it because it’s fun) before placing in the fridge for a nice cool drink. 

There really is no huge difference between sun brewed and kettle brewed (some herbs require high heat but I obviously didn’t use those!). This is mostly for fun and a taste of the sun. Perfect for camping, working out in sun away from home, et cetera. 


4 thoughts on “Sun Tea and Reusing Jars 

  1. I love those huge pickle jars. I have one that I use to hold my rice. I’m a big fan of sun tea, surprisingly though, I haven’t used honey for my cold brew. I’ll have to give that a try since I have a ton of local raw honey left over that I didn’t use for the winter time. I used to live in Bellingham, Wa; Gotta use up those sunny days as much as you can, you never know… it could be few and far in-between before you get another one. ^_^


  2. I love sun tea! It tastes better than stove top brewed to me. I’m lucky to live in the southeast where we have plenty of sun so we make it about three seasons out of the year. And of course you know we southerners like it sweet 😀


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