Sourdough Sandwich Bread – No Active Dry Yeast 

The other day I was looking for a good sourdough sandwich bread to try. My husband isn’t home most of the time lately and needs two meals packed for each day of work. I usually cook meals then pack them up but it can be tiresome to think of new meals that will do well at his work all the time. So I decided to start making him sandwiches. We have plenty of homemade jam and other goodies so I figured it would be a nice change (he may have also mentioned sandwiches some time ago…). Most recipes I found asked for sourdough starter and active dry yeast. I didn’t want to add the dry yeast. So I made some adjustments! The recipe went from around 5 hours in the making to around 24 hours but the results were worth it!

You will need: 

*4 1/2 cups unbleached all purpose flour 

*2 cups sourdough starter (make sure it’s bubbling good first!)

*1 1/4 cups water 

*2 tbs sugar

*1 tbs kosher salt 

First you add the water and sourdough starter together and mix lightly.

Then add the sugar and mix well for a few minutes until it is almost like a really runny paste.

Let sit for 5 minutes before continuing on.

Mix the flour and salt and then add one cup at a time.

When it becomes too hard to mix dump onto a lightly floured surface and knead.  

Knead for 8 minutes or so. You can also do this all in a mixture if preferred. Once finished roll into a ball. 


After kneading the dough be sure to flour your mixing bowl (or get a clean one then flour) and add your rounded dough in. Some people prefer to oil their bowl and dough to get it out with less mess or stick. 

Leave covered for at least 8 hours or alternatively longer to increase the sourdough taste. I’ve left mine for a few days with some other sourdough recipes. Super sour! This batch I left for 16 hours. I started it before making dinner then went back to it after breakfast the next day. It took quite a bit of time to double in size. 

Punch down and drop onto a floured surface to divide in half. 

Knead each dough ball and round the shape before leaving to rest for an hour. 


Grease two loaf pans before rolling the dough into sandwich loafs or roll out to at least fit in the pans! Leave these to rise for 3+ hours (mine took a while due to the temperature of the room. They are ready to go when they start to rise above the pan.) before preheating the oven to 450 F. 
Slash the tops of the loaves with a knife then place in the oven to bake for 10 minutes before reducing the heat to 400 F for another 30 minutes. Check at this time to make sure the loaves have the hollow tap you’re looking for to let you know it’s done! 

Take out of the bread pans immediately and let cool. The insides are soft and fluffy and the crust is crunchy and amazing! Enjoy! 


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