Heathen Talk Podcast 

In the last few months I have been going crazy over documentaries and podcasts. Especially podcasts. It is difficult for me to sit and watch even a short show in one go. So instead I put on podcasts and clean, cook, play with my toddler, go on a walk with a podcast playing on my headphones, etc. I was listening to mostly Witchy podcasts as I couldn’t find good Heathen podcasts that were active or at least had a decent collection of old works (that has changed recently). Mostly, I just couldn’t stand to listen to some of the voices in certain podcasts or I couldn’t handle their nonsense or air of authority. I did find a few good ones though! One of these podcasts has been “Heathen Talk.” I don’t personally know any heathens in my neck of the woods though I know OF some (one of the hosts lives North-ish of me). So it’s nice to hear the hosts converse and discuss topics I think about when alone. Trying to discuss anything in an online forum results in discord half the time so just sitting back and listening in is so much more peaceful, informative and thought provoking. 

Other than discussing some really great topics they also promote Heathen artists like Sam Flegal, authors, people making a difference in Heathenry, etc. They also share information on different Heathen gatherings and the like to help get the word out. They are pretty great. Even if I don’t always agree with them and some of my practices might make them roll their eyes (most of those practices are not part of my Heathenry though! There is a difference between my religion and my folk magic practices.). Their podcast is still something I highly recommend. A lot of what they say makes me want to scream: “YES YES YES!” as it is nice to find people with many similar views on Heathenry who are discussing things I have tried to tell other Heathens but often don’t get through to them. 

I waited to write this blog even though I finished binge listening to their entire collection of works a bit ago plus keeping up on new shows. The reason being was I was waiting on this shirt! It fits great, is well made and I love their logo! I wore it out today after I got it in the mail yesterday and washed it last night. It took quite a while to get to me but was fairly cheap and helps their show. So I didn’t mind waiting at all despite how fan girl excited I was about it. 


Be sure to check them out! You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes Podcasts, other sites they always mention but I forget about and supposedly a Tumblr and an fairly inactive Instagram. Or you can go straight to their website and get all their links there, read their blog posts and generally learn all about “Heathen Talk!”

And remember! You’re doing it wrong! And you’re not the boss of me! 


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