Strawberry Kefir Soda 

After starting on my kefir making journey recently I have been having a ton of fun jotting down ideas and recipes to try. Instagram has been a huge source of inspiration especially. Kefir makers seem to be a really helpful bunch! One even suggested trying the recipe below. Be sure to read it all! My thoughts on the finished product are at the end.

You will need: 

*Water kefir grains 


*Sea salt (optional)


*Strawberries (all we had was frozen)



*Cheesecloth or thin material

*Rubber band or hair tie.

First you need to make the water kefir. It really depends on how much water you’re using as to how much of the ingredients you should use. In this container I added a teaspoon of sea salt for solely their mineral content, 3 tablespoons of sugar (don’t worry…this is just to feed the grains. They eat most if not all of the sugar) and I believe it was 6 cups of filtered water along with 3 tablespoons of water kefir grains. I covered with cheesecloth and a hair tie then left it for 48 hours. 


Day 1

Then I strained out the grains to add to a new batch of water kefir. 

In a new container I mixed together the water kefir and strawberries. I left this for 12 hours before consuming. You can leave the fruit but we removed ours.

I asked my husband to try it first as I was a little afraid. He enjoyed it but said it had a very slight alcoholic aftertaste. Then drank some more. The longer you brew it the kefir can produce more alcohol. This can have as much as approximately .50%-.75% alcohol according to the original recipe but brewed longer would produce more. I don’t taste alcohol. It reminds me more of when I used to drink organic apple cider vinegar in juice but much more pleasant! It wasn’t something I could chug but the sips were enjoyable! The next day I added half a glass of lemon water to half a glass of chilled strawberry water kefir and it was amazing! So delicious and I am sucking down another glass as I write this! If you leave it alone it has a soda-like quality from the natural carbonation. Be sure to store in a jar or a bottle with a lid! 

Water kefir is full of minerals, probiotic microorganisms, food enzymes, vitamin B and other good gut friendly stuff! A healthy but still delicious drink! 


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