Quick and Easy French Bread Recipe

This morning my husband may have hinted that I make something other than a bunch of different sourdough breads. I wasn’t up to making pretzel bread so I decided to use this French bread recipe I have had for a while. It isn’t the best for making sandwich bread or fluffy rolls but has a nice crisp crust and good flavor. It’s great for garlic bread and for dipping into stews and soups. 

You will need: 

*5 cups unbleached all purpose flour

*1 cup boiling water 

*1 cup cold water

*1/3 cup warm water (for activating the dry yeast)

*1 egg

*2 tbs sugar

*1 tbs room temperature butter 

*1 tbs salt 

*1 tbs dry active yeast 

Preheat the oven to 170 F and begin boiling water.

Mix sugar, salt and butter with a fork.

Add the boiling water and lightly mix.

Add the cold water and lightly mix. 

Mix yeast and warm water until fully blended then add to the bowl with the other water, sugar, salt and butter. 


Mix lightly. 

Add 3 cups of flour and mix.

Add remaining 3 cups of flour and mix well. 

Let rest 10 minutes (the resting periods in this recipe are vital).

Drop onto a floured surface and pull apart into three pieces. Shape into balls and let rest for 10 minutes.

Shape each into loafs using the pinch and tuck method. 

Put two onto a greased cookie sheet. Excuse how old and abused ours is. We are the 3rd or 4th owners and I’m out of tin foil to hide it. You can put one loaf at a time if you’d like since they will smoosh a little. The other loaf I made into buns and will post pictures of each step at the end! 
Slash bread with a greased knife.

Crack egg and mix to froth.

Paint each loaf with the egg including the slashed areas. 
Put into the 170 F degree oven for 10 minutes. Please again excuse this stove. Military housing doesn’t give you the most beautiful of appliances! Or the easiest to clean. We are lucky to have it though! 

Turn the heat up to 400 F and bake for 15 minutes. 

Turn down to 350 F for 10 minutes or until you can hear the cooked hollow core when tapped. 

Take out when golden brown and enjoy after it has cooled! Slice in half (like a hamburger bun) and brush the inside with crushed garlic, olive oil and then sprinkle cheese for a delicious garlic cheesy bread! Or dip in something savory! 

Here are the pictures for the rolls. Instructions are nearly the same as the loaf except you will need to shape each ball and let rest an additional 10 minutes before baking. That’s what I did at least! 


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