Family Adventures – Ravenna Park 

Yesterday, my family ventured to Seattle to acquire some new body art. While I was with the artist my husband took our toddler out to explore. We both are not fond of the bigger cities other than the variety of shopping that can be done there. So it didn’t surprise me when he stumbled upon a giant park and forest. After my appointment he took me there to see the glory of this natural gem. 

The area surrounding Ravenna Park has gorgeous houses that are in the perfect style I have dreamed of owning. The neighborhood also reminded my husband of one of his childhood neighborhoods. He even found a tulip tree he had grown up with and that we had been wanting to grow here when we have property. It was perfect. Though not perfect for our homesteading plans and being so close to the hustle and bustle of Seattle.

When we got to the park I was amazed by the play area. The biggest sand pit I have ever seen, a large tree with many branches that although it had been stripped clean was a fun place for the kids and full of joy, swings of all types to accommodate more ages and abilities, et cetera. 

The trails were the best part. There was a hidden pool, streams, fungi, many different trees, moss on everything, flowers blooming left and right and another fun park for children at the end. It was amazing. 

It was also very magical. I have never felt so many active land wights in one area in my entire life. One area was filled with a massive being that although my eyes could not see it I could feel so strongly. I was hesitant to near the entity but sensed no bad intent from it. Living here has opened up my senses so much more for the other beings of this world. Back home I could sense things but was very skeptical of my own experiences at times. Here it is much harder to be skeptical. Silly as my experiences may sound to other skeptical and non-believing sorts. 

It was a truly wonderful day. I am still in awe of the fact that everything in this part of the world is so beautiful. I am thankful to the gods and ancestors for their guidance and our placement here. 


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