Chain Stitch Coasters Tutorial 

In a month or so I will have been crocheting for half a year. I have loved it but also found myself under a weight to complete all the projects requested of me and those I chose to do for myself and my home. The other day I wanted to work through some cotton yarn from my stash so that I would have more odd bits leftover to complete scrap bags for shopping. I came across the idea posted here during a late night pursuing session on Pinterest. Chain Stitch Coasters! It is perfect for a beginner crocheter and is so simple and easy that even if you don’t crochet it can be finger crocheted instead. 

You start with cotton yarn and an F hook. Other yarns like acrylic can get fuzzy and react poorly with the hot glue. I wouldn’t use wool yarn. 

Once you have your supplies you make the beginning loop. You’ll be cutting off the extra yarn so you don’t need much of a tail as you won’t be weaving it in.

After you begin create a long chain stitch (tutorials available on Pinterest and YouTube!). The tighter the better! I made my first with what I thought was a long chain but found myself adding more and more. So just keep the hook in or leave a large loop where you left off. 

Once you have a good amount of chain you can tuck in the beginning and hot glue it to itself. Be sure to tuck in the flat side so that as you glue on more chain the outside will be curved and the inside will be more flat to apply the glue to. The hardest part of this whole project is the hot glue. I burned myself several times, got stuck to one coaster when I grabbed the wrong part, made a mess with drops from the top of the gun and had a bit of a gooey meltdown in my old glue gun. Just take it slow! I unplugged mine a lot during this project and it actually took me several days to complete due to lack of time. 

After you start the first part of the gluing you can turn and run glue down strands before wrapping it around. I only did a few inches at a time then gave it a moment to cool before continuing. Use plenty of glue! Some will leak up but I found it helps the coasters from moving on surfaces so it worked out.

Eventually you will stop. Most coasters measure 3.5-4 inches across. I chose 4. When you get to the desired width you can cut the string and tie off the end. I double knot mine before glueing down. Use lots of glue! You want these to last after all your hard work! 


Then they are ready to go! A bit frustrating at times but easy as long as you don’t try to rush! 


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