Learning Loom Weaving – My Latest Craft Obsession 

New Crafts Obsession should be a “thing.” I often find myself obsessively lusting after different crafts. Both crafts I already do and those I yearn to do. Many crafts I have had on my list to do for so many years that I have driven myself nearly mad with all my research and yearning for them. I tried to be “into” one craft at a time and progress with it before moving on. The problem with that was that I would find myself in a craft rut surrounded by piles of supplies for one craft and nothing much else to do. That happened with jewelry a few months ago. Something I find difficult to work with considering I have a toddler and sharp wire and tools plus a kid doesn’t work well. This year is the “Year Of New Crafts” so I have been investing small bits of funds here and there to get started with beginning various crafts. I’ll never be bored again! I started learning how to crochet last November (2015) and started on Knitting in December. Trying to get lessons from a friend concerning knitting (she also started me on crochet) with my toddler trying to destroy her house wasn’t working well so I stopped learning to knit. I’m hoping to go back to it soon. In February of this year I began handspinning yarn. In March I was cross stitching (I still need to do a blog on it!). Now it’s the end of April and I have my $5 plastic frame loom I have been working on for a few weeks. It was much lighter on my wallet than the much larger more complicated wooden loom I was wanting. I got so obsessed with wanting to weave that my husband even started doing research for me (US eventually as he’s incredibly crafty) in his extremely limited spare time. When I found this loom I had to have it. I even bought a package of comb looms that are ridiculously hard to find tutorials for. If you find some please share! The only decent one I found was in French so that wasn’t going to work for me as I don’t speak the language. 

When I was a child I worked on a children’s loom. I don’t remember much except making pot holders. In my adult years I wove wire and also did stick weaving for a while until I had piles of woven belts no one wanted (even for free). I also made and sold stick weaving kits and have a huge container of them still in one of my storage boxes. It’s something I would love to do again for making baby belts for my kids garb but it can wait for now. 

There are many reasons I want to weave. One is really just to have the skill. If the apocalypse happens then myself and my descendants will be the weavers of clothing material! Just kidding. Mostly. Others include eventually using historical looms and teaching others this ancient art, connecting with the weaving deities/ancestors/beings, making art for my home and devotional pieces, something to use up the odds and ends of handspun yarn I made and….well, I had more to share but I woke up already exhausted today. I’m low on brain power. Imagine more good reasons here. 

The looms I purchased are all very light plastic. Completely unappealing to me but beggars can’t be choosers. It’s something and I am very happy despite having a bit more difficultly with the light weight of the frame loom and the slippery texture of the plastic. I had watched and read tons of tutorials before ever having the loom but I’m one of those people that if I can’t physically do what I’m learning in some way the knowledge doesn’t stick as well. I’m learning as I go and experimenting. Still trying to figure out bits like how to keep things even while weaving in ends, doing designs, figuring out fringe, et cetera. It’s a fun process. I can’t wait to get better and make these as gifts. 


2 thoughts on “Learning Loom Weaving – My Latest Craft Obsession 

  1. I’m currently working on a set of wooden cards for a kindred member who wants to learn tablet weaving. The resurgence in ancient crafts makes me happy in a way I can’t quite find words to describe. Fortunately for her, I’m better at shaping wood and raising the living sources of wool than I am at turning that wool into anything useful.


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