Mother’s Day Weekend

This weekend was a special one for us. Before we had our daughter we didn’t go all out for most holidays or even celebrate them all (meaning most holidays celebrated by the majority of Americans). Our truly special days that were of upmost importance were days that meant something to us. They still are. The day we met and fell in love, the day we officially started dating, the days (we may have done it a few times in different spiritual ways) we got engaged, the day we conceived our first child, etc. You get the point. Those are our real “holy-days” other than some purely spiritually based days of the year and a few conventional holidays. 

This weekend was both the anniversary of our official dating date (we celebrate everything it feels like!) on Saturday and Mother’s Day on Sunday (it’s still Sunday in our part of the world but it may be past midnight where you are). We’re not big into Mother’s Day but both years I have been a mother my husband has bought me roses and we have gone on a nature walk at least. This Mother’s Day I was excited to use a coupon for a discount on buying some makeup that also got me a free gift at a beauty store. I rarely buy myself anything except for craft supplies but I can’t pass up on saving the amount I did when getting items I already “needed.” Makeup is a great personal pick me up. I used to wear it daily but have almost stopped completely since I left my job to be a stay at home mom. Other than that my husband bought us a rare “bad food” treat for lunch, we caught up on a few shows, I had an uninterrupted nap alone (crazy right?) and we went for a nature walk as a family. A nice and simple way to spend our first entire day together as a family in almost two months. 

Saturday my husband had to work at night but the day was really special. We woke up and shared the news of my pregnancy with everyone (our parents and a few close friends already knew). I took some quick photos of our toddler the day before and put this together kind of last minute. 

Her necklace is actually a Thor’s Hammer teether from “Helles Teeth” on a cord. Her garb is a pillowcase and a quickly crocheted belt. For not spending a dime and less than an hour of time I think it turned out decently! 

After we shared our joy I started on food. The night before I had baked my first homemade Kransekake (Norwegian Wreath Cake) based off the one we had at our handfasting. We may have eaten that for an indulgent breakfast.

I also made homemade pretzel rolls for our Saturday lunch. I ended up making so much food we skipped the rolls. I made buttery spaetzle with champignon sauce, roasted asparagus and local-ish wild salmon with a German dill fish sauce. 

Shortly after that my husband left for work and my toddler and I went to play with friends at the park.
I may not have gotten everything done that I set out to accomplish but it was a fulfilling and loving weekend that I won’t soon forget. 

We feel so blessed by the gods and our ancestors with the growth of our family and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. 


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. OMGs!! Congratulations on your new little blessing Katla!!! I am so happy for you and sounds like you had an amazing day. Skol!! (I think that’s the correct spelling) and may the gods continue to bring you much joy and blessings sweet love. Warm hugs from our home sugar.

    Sonia Cole

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