Making Herbal Bath Salts 

I have been making bath salts for seemingly forever. If you don’t already know from reading my other blogs my family was big on crafts growing up and we still are. I even made and sold homemade bath products for many years using top quality ingredients. Here I am sharing a way to make bath salts that anyone can make fairly easily with a trip to a store or two (no promises here). No fancy salts or super expensive ingredients. 

If you want to be super simple just use Epsom salts alone. They are easy to obtain, inexpensive and can be used in a variety of ways to treat soreness, stiff muscles, in healing some skin ailments, for relaxation, headache relief, etc. They can also be used as a laxative and as an additive in gardening. It is not actually a salt but a naturally occurring compound of magnesium and sulfate. Some holistic approaches to health recommend regular Epsom salt baths to draw out toxins and such from the body. If nothing else it is a nice addition to your bath or foot soak. 

I decided to make a rose bath salt as an example! Energetically speaking (if that’s your thing) roses are said to be used in creating/promoting love, increasing psychic powers, healing of all kinds, luck, protection, sexual attraction, boosting confidence, etc. Medicinally, in the way it is being used here it is great for softening chapped skin and helping to heal abrasions. Roses have other holistic medicinal uses but be sure to procure the right type of roses. Not all are edible or are the correct breed for use. Safest way to go is to purchase dried roses sold for tea blends. 

I bought the roses from one of our local co-ops as well as the oil I used to make my rose oil. If you don’t want to make your own herbal oil and then wait a few weeks for it to infuse you can pick up an essential oil of your choice. Please make sure to research oils before using them. I can’t tell you how many times I see people use essential oils incorrectly and potentially dangerously. Just because the bottle says it pure and ready to use doesn’t actually mean it is! 

Here is my blog on making infused oils: Cold Infused Herbal Ritual/Perfume Oil | The Heathen Homesteader

I started with grinding my roses in one of my mortar and pestles. I lightly ground some for more aesthetic purposes then took the rest and pulverized them. You will have to test how much of the herb you are using works for you. Be sure to use skin safe ingredients and be aware of how they can effect you if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition. I am not responsible for how something effects you. I’m just giving potential suggestions for use! 

To add a bit of color I added a powder I have had for a while. This isn’t needed. If you want color many craft stores carry skin safe color additives in their soap making section. You can also create your own color using natural ingredients. 

Then I mixed in baking soda to use as a skin softener. I used two teaspoons as I am making a batch big enough for two jars. 

Then add Epsom salt! So easy right? I filled my jars with a little over half Epsom salt to get an idea of how big I should make my batch. Some people will add sea salt or even table salt along with this but you don’t *need* to. 

Mix well before adding your oil. 

If you are using essential oils you only need a few drops depending on the size of the batch you are creating. My oil is jojoba infused with roses and isn’t as potent or pure so I put in quite a bit.

Let dry a few hours before packaging or use right away! Some people prefer to use a muslin tea bag to keep the herbs contained. 

To up your bath salt game you can add natural borax (not commercial store bought stuff), exotic salts, clays, top shelf oils, etc to your blend. Many natural food and holistic type stores will have a variety of ingredients for you to try. 


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