Herbal Electuaries 

I was recently inspired to make something I have not made in years. An herbal electuary! It’s basically a blend of honey (or another liquid sweetener but I have never tried them) and herbs. It’s great for bitter herbs or for those like myself who are really picky with different tastes but want the benefits of different herbs. It’s also great for kids as the sweetness of the honey can overpower the taste of the herbs you may be administering. Such as during flu season when you want your wee ones to have a extra boost of vitamins and proactive ingredients to ward it fight sickness. Be aware children before 1 should not be given honey. 

Before I begin let me say that you should never ignore medical help in my opinion. The news reports I see of children dying because their parents used tea or something of that nature instead of medical help break my heart. Herbs are a great way to live a healthy life but some things are too serious to be ignored as I see it. Also, be aware herbs can interfere with medications and react differently with each persons body chemistry. The properties of herbs will also change depending on how they are prepared! Consulting a certified herbalist or a doctor with holistic healing knowledge is encouraged before ingesting various herbs regularly. Especially, if you are contemplating giving them to children and teens. 

There are some that say honey never goes bad. That its chemical makeup gives it an extremely stable shelf life and a long one at that. Dried herbs also tend to last quite a while. Though there are those like myself who believe they start to very slowly lose a bit of their goodness as time goes on as soon as they have been harvested. The honey helps to lengthen their life in a sense. Honey is also known to be an antibacterial and anti-fungal. 

To make an electuary gather your herb of choice or herbal blend. I am using a pregnancy tea of my own creation here. 

I suggest grinding the herbs into a powder first. You can use a mortar and pestle, blender, coffee grinder, etc. I used a coffee grinder to speed it up.

Blend the powdered herbs with honey. Local raw honey is best! There are also types of quality raw honeys on the market that are popular with those who use holistic medicine. 

You can use as little or as much as you would like. Anything from a syrup to just enough honey to make a really thick paste.

I chose to make mine a little syrupy. I plan on using a teaspoonful in hot water for a tea. You can eat it directly but when I’m pregnant it’s hard to consume certain textures easily so I am going the tea route. Some people even create lozenges with their blends to take directly and raw! 

Make sure to store in an air tight container. I made very little this time around as I plan to make a few different blends with the honey I have. 

A spoonful of the electuary a day is what is typically suggested. If you’re using it to fight sickness, promote sleep, help with nerves, etc more can be taken. Just be sure to study up on the herbs you are using. Electuaries can be taken immediately! 

Electuaries can also be used for ritual purposes. To ingest SAFE and EDIBLE sacred herbs before an undertaking. Of course this is just an idea and I am not responsible for anyone taking this for their own use. 


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