Eggshell Tea Plant Fertilizer 

Every day that I check on my small container garden I think to myself that I should really get some fertilizer. That with the size of the container combined with the amount of vegetable plants I packed in (I honestly didn’t expect them all to survive the deer and our sudden weather changes) that it would be really helpful to my plant babies. I opened my herb cupboard for something completely unrelated and realized I had jars full of washed and dried eggshells. I had kept them for other purposes mostly but some were from making fertilizer in my old home with my larger urban garden. I realized they would be perfect for fertilizer here and that I didn’t need to buy a thing! We generally only eat local eggs or organic brown eggs but I had some others from a big sale that just so happened when I needed tons of eggs for certain recipes I was making. So I pulled them out and got to work. 

Egg shells are made mostly of calcium carbonate and when steeped and tested for content showed to add calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus to the water. Plants NEED calcium and the other items can be beneficial as well. Saving your eggshells instead of tossing them both saves you money on fertilizers and is a great way to do a little homesteading. If you have young ones around this can be an easy chore for them to help out with. 

Here is what I currently had. I had to share our DashGo as it is a egg steaming lifesaver! I was steaming eggs for my family and excited about saving the shells. Something I shamefully have neglected to do lately. It cooks them perfectly and they peel easily hot or cold. I wish I got paid to say that. Haha! 

To make the eggshell fertilizer (commonly called eggshell tea) you will need a gallon of water and 10-20 eggshells at least. The more you add the stronger the tea will be. Be sure you are using eggshells that have been washed and left to dry fully. You can save eggshells months in advance! Even if it isn’t gardening season where you are. They don’t really go bad.

Boil the gallon of water. Use a container you won’t need for the next 24 hours. I chose my favorite used and abused pot. 

Add the eggshells! You can crush them more if you wish but it isn’t necessary. You can turn off the heat now as well. 

Leave overnight at least! 24 hours is a good amount of time. 

Strain and water your plants directly with the tea weekly! 

You can even add crushed shells directly to the soil. I did this as well before I got started on the tea. I’m impatient and wanted to give some love to my plant babies right away! 


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