Scottish Tattie (Potato) Scones Recipe

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend who I consider a soul sister about Scottish food (something she’s familiar with). I was asking her about a recipe unrelated to this (which I may share later in the week) but it ended up inspiring me to make Scottish Tattie Scones! Almost like the potato pancakes I am familiar with. They are traditionally (or so I have read) served as part of breakfast alongside other things such as bacon, eggs and other flour or oat based scones. 

You will need: 

*4 Russet Potatoes (I used 5 large red potatoes)

*1/2 cup flour plus extra for shaping, etc

*1/4 stick of room temperature butter (plus more for frying if not using bacon fat or oil of choice)

*1 tsp salt (some may prefer less)

Boil the potatoes until fully cooked! All recipes I have tried say to remove the skins after but I don’t like waste so I keep them. Boiling them in the skins supposedly enhances the potato flavor as well. It also makes the skins easy to remove without a peeler. You can pinch and remove them by hand after draining. 

Remove all water and mash! Having a dry texture is what you want. 

Add salt and butter. I added smoked paprika, dill and black pepper. Most recipes only use salt and butter to flavor however. 

Then add the flour! Mix well.

Flour a surface and drop your mixture onto it. If you need to let it cool more to work with that’s fine! It actually works better cooler as its not releasing heat and getting sticky when rolling out. 

Divide into 4-5 sections. More or less depending on how small you will be making your circles. You can also just roll out everything and use a round cookie cutter to cut out bits. The way I did it is how I see it more commonly done.

Take a section and mold into a ball. Roll in more flour if needed.

Roll out until at least 1/4 of an inch thick. Many are made thinner but I find that too difficult to work with. 

Poke with a fork all over the flattened piece then cut into fourths. 

Prepare griddle with butter or the more popular bacon fat. Mine had tasty leftover juices from chicken I had cooked earlier in it. You’ll want the griddle hot!

Place sections in and fry until golden brown on each side. 

Set on a paper towel or cloth to absorb extra liquids.

Serve hot! The scones can be refried or toasted as a meal later as well and are still delicious! Enjoy! 


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