My name is Karina but I tend to use my SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) name; Katla Hase. It started as a name for my Norse (most people just say “Viking” although it is really an adjective) persona and slowly worked its way to becoming the name I would use for my business (http://www.TheWellAndSpindle.com) and my Heathen life. I don’t mind being called either though. I am a military spouse and a mother to currently one VERY strong willed one year old named Dagmar.

I am a few years shy of 30 and am in a place where I can finally open my life MORE to the various skills and lifestyle choices I have yearned for. Skills I started learning as a child but never got to fully realize. This currently mostly includes taking care of my beloved Viking (yep, going to use it like this) child. It also covers working with new to me recipes (ranging from Medieval recipes to modern ones) covering everything to canning/preserving food to making a fun plant based stir fry and hoping it doesn’t taste like grass. Other things include jewelry making, wood burning, crocheting (just started a few months ago) and my new obsession of spinning with a drop spindle. I also have interests just in the studying stage: wheel spinning, naalbinding, knitting, loom weaving, small scale farming, self sufficiency, raising livestock for fiber/milk/meat, permaculture, etc.

I am also a Heathen which will show itself in some works shared. I study a multitude of paths outside of Heathenry however. My gods may mostly be called by their Norse (and German…though when I do that many don’t know who I’m talking about) names although I study everything from various folk magic practices to more complex occult teachings and even more mainstream religions. My major was Religious Studies for a reason. I chose the name of my blog to differentiate between many homesteading blogs that have openly Christian leanings. Nothing wrong with that of course. I just want to make it clear where I stand from the moment you read the title. My view of the land and its spirits, the way it should be treated and the way I want to live my life is based on my faith. Which is not an Abrahamic one.

The purpose of this blog is mostly to document my journey for my future self. To have a place to look back and compare where I am to where I was. I also have a terrible memory for time so when asked when I started doing something I will think it was 5 years prior when it was really 3 weeks. Or visa versa. Maybe not that badly. You get the point though. I also thought my post may be helpful, informative and possibly give hope or inspiration to those who yearn a simpler life and a larger skill set. Oh and don’t forget goats. Lots of goats. Once I own some that are not ceramic or wood and can’t be placed on a shelf they will be discussed in great detail here.

The word “homesteading” has been reclaimed or more appropriately recycled as an umbrella term mostly for DIYers, modern large to small scale (and even urban) farmers, survivalists who create their own things, etc. I connect with this version. I want to learn useful crafts, memorize recipes I can teach my children without going on Pinterest, raise animals, can and otherwise preserve food for the apocalypse (kidding but slightly not kidding because I’m a tad paranoid), et cetera. Be part of the revival of “old timey” things that once were part of life instead of a hobby.

And that marks the beginning.


Our Handfasting on 8 November 2014. I was pregnant with our daughter Dagmar here.


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