A large part of my life has been a spiritual one. When I was around 12 years old I started having odd dreams that I asked my mother about. Later, she revealed to me that she was a Pagan. This was what I was looking for. THIS is what I was seeking out when I heard about Church and asked her if I could attend (we never went). When I studied with Jehovah’s Witnesses who visited my young self at home. When I went to youth services that left me feeling ashamed I was untamed and untrained in their ways. When I begged Catholic, Mormon and Protestant friends to tell me more about their faith. I didn’t know anyone of other persuasions at the time. Though, it didn’t matter. I found what I was looking for. What my dreams (literally) were leading me towards.

My mom started taking me to local open rituals. I learned a lot hands on from the experiences there. She also bought me books geared towards young Pagans and some she herself had studied with as well. I grew. My mind expanded. I needed more. Then other interests my age generally had took over. It didn’t help that my friends didn’t understand. That all we cared about was attention and fun. Later, when I became more solitary both in friendship and moreso in practice I began to read more again. When I got a job with a decent (decent for someone who lived at home and had no real bills) paycheck after high school I bought books every single payday and read them whenever I could. I eventually sought out teachers and groups. It was chaos (my husband would prefer it if I called it discord). I learned a lot, met many people and even some of those I met as a young Pagan (and by then calling myself a Witch as well) are still with me today almost 10 years later.

Then I grew more.

It is hard being a Pagan. Your path is so wide open. You don’t have set rules with a set dogma and a set day where you and your family with the same beliefs all go to worship the same one God. You can worship endless gods or see yourself as one. You can practice by the sun, moon and/or stars along or separate from the seasons. You can practice indoors or outdoors or not at all except a nod to a tree when you leave the house. So many options.

In 2008 I found Heathenry. The strength of the Germanic/Scandinavian gods was right for me. I felt empowered. This was it. Now, since then I have studied other paths and went from back and forward from things like: “I don’t want to do anything that isn’t historically accurate to the Norse as possible” to “Let’s practice some Hoodoo and give a nod to Odin instead of reading this Biblical prayer. Throw in something else to spice it up too if he’s cool with that.” I mix it up. My gods always remained the same though. I still honor Frau Holda that brought me to the path no matter what sort of magical practice I may be up to. Currently (Feb 2016), I am back to studying Cornish Traditional Witchcraft and the art of the Cunningfolk but my gods never get pushed back. I just desire and require more knowledge to thrive as a Heathen Witch. My lifestyle mimics that as much as I can with what I have.

This blog is a nod to my spiritual path as well. My dream of a small farm and a homesteading based lifestyle is influenced by my ancestors, Gods and the spirits around me. They drive me to success.

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