Homesteader or Homemaker?

I’ve been thinking about my page and blog a lot lately. I haven’t lived up to what I wanted to do. Post-partum depression, difficulty with two children alone for the most part (military family), discovering my eldest has special needs, not being able to find a home that meets what we require, etc. I see that my work is that of a homemaker and not a homesteader quite yet. Though, I came into this as an aspiring homesteader and made that clear to start. I had expected to be where I wanted within a year of when I started this blog but it hasn’t happened yet. Luckily, it has helped me make friendships and connections, pushed me to work harder, opened doors to more writing, etc so there are positives! This year has been rough and left me with a few health issues to end the year with. I keep moving forward and trying not to let them hurt the life I want.

Currently, we have started working on finances for a home and have been actively looking for and viewing homes. There isn’t much this time of year but I now know that things will open up around the start of Spring. Our toddler gets daily therapy for autism and will attend a program/preschool developed especially for autistic children next year and a move too far away from services has become a new issue for us. Before we saw a bit of a commute into nature more our style. Funny how life changes things. How we have to adapt to things that come our way. Though I always knew I’d put my family first.

I’ll keep promising a better blog to share and a future for us until I get it. For now I hope you can find inspiration in the small things I have to share.


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